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Welcome to Kazem's Brand new home on the web -!

The new album Hafeyat El Qadamein has been released!

While the site is under construction, you can listen to the album, Hafeyat El Qadamein here.

The album is here in a fairly low quality version but a higher quality version is coming soon!

Also check out two live versions of the title song, Hafeyat El Qadamein and a live video clip as well!

Hafeyat El Qadameyn


Darb El Alam download | stream
El Azizin (Mawal Abos Rohak) download | stream
El Helwa download | stream
Hafeyat El Qadamein download | stream
Hewar Ma El Nafs download | stream
Intahit El Harb download | stream
Kol Ma Tekbar Tehla download | stream
Minein Inta download | stream
Sabahak Sokar download | stream
Taqoleen El Hawa download | stream



Visit us soon for higher quality audio from this album and audio of all Kazem's albums!


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